Austal's Apprenticeship program is designed and purposed to develop a sustainable core workforce of journeypersons with the full body of on-the-job and trade knowledge necessary to fill vital workforce gaps.


It’s the largest Department of Labor registered Apprentice Program in the state of Alabama


Graduates achieve a DOL certificate certifying them as journeypersons


The majority of apprentice graduates enjoy career growth within the company

How to qualify for consideration

Possess a high school diploma or Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED)

18 years of age or older at time of application.

Able to provide proof of US Person Status

Willing to submit to a drug screen

Willing to submit to a background check

No felony convictions of Theft/Deception or Violent crimes within seven years from disposition date

No felony convictions of Drug crimes within three years from disposition date

Able and willing to perform the essential functions of the job in a shipbuilding/production environment

Possess the academic ability to succeed in the program

Demonstrate the motivation to continuously improve your knowledge/skills

Have the integrity to complete all assigned academic work independently

Demonstrate a high degree of reliability, both in task accomplishment and time keeping

Successfully completed a craft-related technical training program or have the equivalent craft work experience

Where can I apply?

Watch for emails, postings, workshops and advertisements regarding Austal’s apprentice program

Austal posts and accepts applications for apprenticeship through the Alabama Career Center

Once posted, those desiring to be considered should apply via the Alabama Career Center

How to position yourself to be selected

Write a resume that demonstrates your training, experience and interest in construction crafts

Be prepared to interview in front of a small panel detailing your experience or training and you are the best candidate for Austal’s apprenticeship

Be prepared to take a basis math exam and mechanical aptitude exam

Austal recommends applicants without work experience also get a Career Readiness certificate from a local 2 year college – see Alabama Career Center for information on similar programs

Austal prefers candidates who have completed an “Austal recognized” craft training program

Lastly check your email frequently as Austal communicates with apprentice applicants primarily through email

Post/secondary - 2 year college system

Austal is a huge advocate of the technical school system

Below is a list of schools who have successfully placed graduates in an Austal USA entry level positions:

  • AIDT Austal specific training –
  • Arc Pro
  • Bishop State
  • Locklin Tech
  • Lurleen Wallace
  • Tulsa Weld School Jacksonville
  • George Stone Technical
  • CDA Technical
  • Jefferson Davis
  • AIDT Maritime –
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
  • Faulkner State